Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hey Ya'll - It's Fall!

Happy Fall Everyone!  I know, I know, I'm a bit behind here and I apologize. It has been quite busy at at home and the 9-5 so I have been a bit bad about updating here. I will try to do much better!  This is my favorite time of the year and Halloween is just around the corner.  I don't know about you, but I enjoy stitching Halloween and Fall designs all year long. The colors are just so much fun! That being said, I haven't released anything new for Halloween this year as I had hoped but I am working on a new design that will be ready for the Nashville Market Show in February. :)  FLOWERS BLOOM was released about 3 weeks ago...and I want to thank everyone so much for the compliments on the design. There is a thread bag available from The Gentle Art for this one - 12 beautiful colors that shade and blend so nice and the colors really POP! on light fabric.  Here is a copy of the chart cover so you can see it.  Hopefully your favorite local needlework shop has it or will order it for you. If not, please visit our Etsy shop (see our Stitcher's Shop tab on this blog) and you can purchase it directly if you'd like. It has two adorable buttons from Just Another Button Company too!  Flowers Bloom will let you enjoy Springtime all year long!   One of our Halloween designs from last year is also doing quite well this year - BOO HOO? is also available and it is a quick and easy stitch so you still have time to whip one up if you need a last minute Halloween fix!I love the JABC button for this design too!
 Beautiful Fall day today here in Kansas City, MO...sunny, breezy and almost near 70. Glad we got to enjoy this day because from what the weatherman is saying, the bottom is going to drop out starting tomorrow and we will be down in the 50's!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend..we are hoping our football team The CHIEFS can make it 7 in a row today! Take care of you and yours and hope you find some time to stitch.  Until next time, Deb

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our 2nd holiday ornament " Christmas Is Love"

It seems like the holidays are so far off yet with summer just getting into full swing, but they will be here before we know it!  What better way to beat the heat than to keep cool by stitching for the holidays!  Christmas Is Love will be available and shipping to our distributors this coming week and I will be posting a preview of the finished project in the next day or so but in the meantime, here is a little sneak peek! 
I have so many designs in various stages of planning, sketching, and stitching I feel a bit on a good way!  Excited to share some collaboration news too in the coming week or so. Enjoy your weekend and relax! Find some time to stitch something fun. ☺Deb

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Happy Saturday!

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More later!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Time to "Wash & Pray" - Our Newest Design!

Good Evening Friends!

I know it has been a while since I have sent something out but I promise to do a little better now in the future.  With my ankle surgery behind me and physical therapy wrapping up in the next couple of weeks, hopefully I won't feel so overwhelmed. That being said, I hope this finds everyone well, enjoying the start of summer, which by the way pushed itself right in here in Kansas City - we went right into the mid 90's and it doesn't look like the coming week is going to be any better. Mother Nature is pulling out all the stops to confuse us all! I have been busy working on some brand new designs and have lots of ideas for some fun new projects - one of which is going to be a collaboration with Fabric Flair!  I absolutely love their fabrics and we are working on something really fun and exciting together so I will keep you posted as we progress along.  In the meantime, our newest design is available now!  "Wash & Pray" has made it safely to all of our wonderful distributors - Hoffman Distributing, Norden Crafts, and Yarn Tree so they are ready for your favorite needlework shops to order!  I absolutely love this little frog and his bar of soap. He is actually the creation of digital graphic artist, Cheryl Selsar and with her permission, he has been created in cross-stitch and paired with a fun little reminder for all of us.  I hope you enjoy stitching this design as much as I did while creating it.  I love the little buttons from JABC too. They bring more color and life to the design. I did something a little more crafty with the framing this time too. Found this distressed blue 14 X 17" frame with a fabric mat. I had to trim it back a bit to fit the stitchery but then also trimmed it out with some natural hemp cording and 3D bubble embellishments from my local Joann Fabrics and Waaaa-Laaa! I have received some wonderful feedback already on this one and it does make me so happy to hear from shops and stitchers! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. Here are pictures of the finished project and chart pack cover.  

We will be releasing a new Christmas ornament in the next week as well called "Christmas Is Love". A sneak peek is on our Facebook page and we'll be having a contest in the near future too! It is getting late here...oh my, already Sunday morning.. just after midnight here so I am going to close for now. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and  stay cool!  Take care of you and yours.  Happy Stitching To All!  Until next time,  Deb

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Checking In...

Hi Everyone!
I hope this finds you all well and enjoying lots of time for stitching.  I am sorry I haven't posted for a while but I am recovering from ankle surgery and have had a little setback but hopefully will be good as new in just a few more weeks. I am finally starting to work on some new designs and will be updating you all on some of those next week. Looking ahead, we have the TNNA Fall Needlework Market in St. Charles, MO coming in August, and I will definitely have some fun new designs ready for that as well. It is frustrating for me not to be able to move around and do things like I am used to and the medications I have to take don't always agree with me... :(  That being said, it has set me back more than I would have liked. I would love to hear what you all are stitching!  As you know, I have mentioned before that I have some of my own favorite designers, many of which you will find links too right here on the blog! My newest addition is a U.K. designer, Margaret Sherry.  While I have acquired a few of her adorable charts in the past...mainly her cat and dog patterns, lately, I have become even more addicted to collecting them. Just a fun little hobby I have. I will be posting a Sneak Peek of my newest design coming soon next week. It is called" Wash & Pray" and that is all I am going to tell you for now but there will be an adorable little button pack available from JABC to go along with it. "Christmas Is Love" will be the 2nd ornament in our series and that should be available soon as well.   Have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching!  Take care of you and yours, Deb.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I am sorry I haven't written much lately but I have been so busy since returning from the Nashville Market last week!  Quickly, I wanted to post pictures for you of the 3 new designs that were released at Market. I will write more later but really wanted to share with you now since some folks are asking. If you take a look at our website ( and go to What's New, you can find out more information about each one.  I hope that you like the new designs and that you will want to stitch one...maybe two.. or heck, maybe all three! :)  Here are "God & Chocolate", the 2nd in the Chocolate Lovers Series, "SPRING" a beautiful Spring Sampler with 22 different colors of sampler threads from the Gentle Art and embellished with beads and JABC buttons!  I want to give a big thank you and shout out to my model stitcher, Erin Turowski (See her blog here :  who did a beautiful job of stitching this sampler for me. She really came thru for me in a pinch when time was running short for Market!
Let me know what you think of the new designs!  The 3rd design is the 1st ornament in the "Deck The Halls All Year Long" series called "Winter Wonderland" - Silver Star Charm and beads for the tree are included with the chart pack!  The 2nd ornament called "Christmas Is Love:" will be coming soon.

4 All Seasons Sampler Series Part 1

Ornament #1

Good nite all... take care of you and yours and until next time, happy stitching!  Deb

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good Evening All!

Just wanted to drop a little note before time gets away from me ... and it has been doing that a lot lately!  It has been a busy and productive weekend. I am taking the stitching right down to the wire for the Nashville Market.  Today I have been working on completing the 1st Ornament in the "Deck The Halls All Year Long" series.  It is called "Winter Wonderland."  I am introducing my little bear friend "Charlie" in this first ornament and you can expect to see a lot of him in the future so what better way than to have him be the first little face you see for the new ornament series!  I am just going to give you a little sneek peek here because the real unveiling is coming at the Nashville Market!  If all goes as planned, I will be releasing at least 4 new designs there and I already have several more in the works for release a bit later.
 Until next time, take care of your and yours and here's wishing you "Beary Happy Stitching!  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @thestitchngbear.  No "i".  We have a nice little contest going on for copies of our soon to be released designs!     Deb