Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Time Is Coming!

Hi Everyone!

It sure has been a busy time between getting orders and door prizes out from The Needlework Show to designing and stitching new holiday designs. As we watch another Halloween come and go I realized that tomorrow is November 1st already.  Where did this year go?  So far we have been lucky in Missouri as the cold weather is not yet upon us and we are looking at near 70 degrees on Friday and close to mid 60's next week!  I remember as a child (years ago - dating myself a bit!) that by this time of year it was starting to get cold and in many instances we already had snow! Gotta love those old Chicago winters!  Didn't miss them at all though when we lived in Tennessee just outside of Nashville - and we sure do miss our home there.  We've been in Missouri just south of Kansas City for 3 years now guess we are starting to finally get used to it for the most part but there is nothing like the South! (One reason I am so exited about the Nashville Market in March and I will be there with bells on!  It seems once we get past Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are here before we know it and so I figured now was a good time to introduce a new design to everyone who didn't see it at The Needlework Show last week.  I came up with the idea for this one by remembering my childhood Christmas' with my Grandparents.  Oh how my Grandpa loved Christmas. He was all about the decorations and Santa Clause. Grandma's turkey dinners were to die for along with her cranberry ice sherbet and dressing.  It always seemed to snow back then too... I don't remember too many Christmas' where we didn't have a blanket of white. There were always a lot of family at their house too when I was little. We lived with them for about 5-6 years and they were some of the happiest times I can remember. Hard to believe that my Grandparents have been gone now for over 20 plus years but I can remember those wonderful times like it was just yesterday.  This was my the inspiration for this little story told with needle and thread, buttons and bells.  I hope that you will enjoy stitching it this year to share with your family and friends and perhaps one day pass it down so that it keeps the holiday spirit alive in the hearts of many for years to come.  The photo doesn't do it justice at all, but the fabric used was DMC's Metallic Silver 14 count Aida.  It may be a bit hard to find now I am told,  however, Charles Craft's Stardust 14 ct Aida in either Silver Dust or Gold Dust will work perfectly and much easier to come by.  The design glistens and the DMC colors, Just Another Button Company holiday buttons,  and gold Jingle Bells (which are included with the chart) are bright and cheery.  If your local needlework shop doesn't have it yet, I am sure they will order it for you.  We will be doing a Holiday Ornament A Month beginning in 2013 along with a new series called "Calendar Bears".  More about those later!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween - it's time for this ol' stitcher to turn into a pumpkin and hit the hay.
Wishing You All "Beary" Happy Stitching,

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