Saturday, January 5, 2013


Where does the time go?  The holidays came and went, as did our family's battle with colds and flu. I hope this finds you all well and starting off 2013 in a good positive light!  My resolution for this year was NOT to make any resolutions this year because I, like so many others, never really follow through with them anyway. So...this way, I won't be breaking any!  Now that the holiday rush is all behind us, we are getting back down to business here after a much needed little break. Lots of new designs are in the beginning stages and I have plenty in mind for this year including two, yes, I said it... TWO new series of stitching projects.  It is going to be a big task to take on but I just figured we'd go for it!  "Deck The Halls All Year Long" will be a quick-stitch holiday ornament series and each chart will include an embellishment and I may even decide to do a chart, embellishment AND thread pack or two as well.  Also coming this year will be the "Four All Seasons Sampler" which will be a 4-part series, you guessed it, one for each season, that can be stitched individually or if you choose, can be stitched all together for one larger project!  Finally, and this will probably be MY personal favorite, the 2nd in our Chocolate Lovers Series will be "GOD & Chocolate" which will feature the Chocolate Delight sampler thread bag exclusively by The Gentle Art! This thread bag is a Limited Edition and just in case they are gone before you have a chance to get one, the chart will include alternative thread suggestions.

   What is great about the hand dyed, over dyed threads is you will have a unique design unlike anyone else because of the process they use so  if you can your hands on some Chocolate Delight ahead of time you won't be disappointed. The colors are so wonderful! Check with your local shop to see if they have them or if they can get one for you. A special button pack from Just Another Button Company will also be available for this design too!  Are you ready for some more chocolate now?
Chocolate Delight Sampler Bag - 5 colors!

Our website has a brand new look and we colored up our logo a bit too.  We hope you like our new layout and you will be able to get information on all of our designs including the materials used and where you can find them.  Well friends, guess I will call it a night for now. Have been working all day long and this gal needs sleep! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.  Until next time, here's wishing you all   "Beary Happy Stitching!"  
Take care of you and yours,  Deb


  1. Where can I find the Chocolate Delights on-line? Unfortunately I don't live close to a LNS.

  2. Hi Terry!
    Thanks for visiting our blog! If you Google "Chocolate Delights Thread Sampler Bag" it will provide you with a list of online shops - I have even seen them on Ebay too..that have them available. If you run into a problem when the new design is released and haven't been able to find one please email at and I will see what I can do to help. Have a wonderful rest of the week!